Thursday, November 20, 2008

UN says pirates have kidnapped 65 vessels in Somalia in 2008

UN says pirates have kidnapped 65 vessels in Somalia in 2008 and The United Nations (UN) gave authorization for countries to use "all that is necessary to maintain order and rebuke" the actions of pirates. The resolution was signed in June and is valid until December 1, 2008.
The intention of the UN is ending the actions of pirates mainly near Somalia. According to the organization, 65 vessels were captured this year alone in Somali waters and the pirates have already received about $ 30 million in ransoms.

In a report to the Security Council, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, warned this week that the increase in acts of piracy seriously affect international trade in the area and weakened the Somali government, and deepening the humanitarian crisis in the country.
According to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which has 172 members, including Brazil, the Somali pirates are with the power of 18 ships and more than 300 sailors kidnapped.

The Somali pirates who have kidnapped the Saudi oil tanker "Star Sirius" claiming the payment of a ransom of $ 25 million, reported to the agency "Efe" the director of the Program of Assistance Agency (MAP), headquartered in the Kenyan port of Mombasa , Andrew Mwangura.

Mwangura said that negotiations already moving between the pirates and Vela, owner of the vessel and subsidiary of oil company Saudi Aramco.

This Wednesday (19), a recording attributed to one of the pirates and disseminated by the television catariana "Al Jazira", claimed that the kidnappers demanded a ransom with money and had started to negotiate it.
The "Star Sirius", which is 5 miles from the shore from the town of Eyl in Puntland in northern Somalia, has on board a crew of 25 people, two Britons, two Poles, one Croatian, one Saudi and 19 Filipinos .

The pirates approached the "Sirius Star" last Saturday, very far from the waters of Puntland, in the Indian Ocean, 430 miles (800 kilometers) southeast of the Mombasa and 900 miles (1700 kilometers) south of Eyl.

According to Mwangura, between 30 and 40 pirates were controlling the ship, a tanker of 330 meters in length, with deadweight of more than 300 tons and with capacity to 2 million barrels of oil, the largest ship captured by Somali pirates since they started their activities in 2005.

Brazilian celebrate the Day of Black Consciousness in Sao Paulo

Brazilian celebrate the Day of Black Consciousness in Sao Paulo, The commemoration of Black Consciousness Day in Sao Paulo, this Thursday (20), started the morning with a Mass at the Cathedral Cathedral in the city center. Over the days to schedule concerts will encourage the public to attend the city's Sé. A singer Rita Ribeiro is presented in the early afternoon, but on stage are still expected more artists.
At 18h, the band Black River makes a presentation in tribute to the 10 years since the death of Tim Maia. The calendar comes with the night show of Seu Jorge, scheduled for 20h. The artist has invited as the singer Paula Lima.

The event, which is organized by the Secretariat of State for Culture, still has saraus, presentations to groups of african culture and showing of documentaries in São Paulo and municipalities in the interior. The theme of the cultural campaign this year is "Racism: If you do not speak, who will speak?"

Max Payne game adaptation to movie

Max Payne game adaptation to movie brings the game adaptation with Mark Wahlberg
Hollywood continues to push into videogames adapt for the cinema. The latest attempt serves as the "Max Payne" and reaches the screens of Sao Paulo and Rio this week on Thursday (20), the rest of the country on Friday. Max Payne is portrayed by Mark Whalberg that, after its deserved indicating the Oscar for "The infiltrators," not yet acted on another movie so remarkable. He is the tormented cop whose wife and children were coldly murdered. Its trajectory is to find the culprits.

"Max Payne" is not content with being a supposed police, seeking combining religion and science fiction. The death of the family of Payne is about people with wings tattooed on their wrists and flawed in a blue liquid hallucinogen produced by a pharmaceutical corporation. All this serves as a pretext for drubbing, shootings and phrases as: "I do not believe in heaven, I believe in death."

In his day, Payne has the help of a Russian mercenary named Mona Sax (Mila Kunis), whose sister (experienced by the current Bond girl Olga Kurylenko) was also flawed in the liquid blue, had a tattoo on the wrist and was murdered after a meeting with the protagonist.

The director John Moore (the remake of "Prophecy") is not interested in just showing Max Payne shooting for all sides and blood jorrando. Somehow, he wants to put his film noir in the tradition. The road map signed by Beau Thorne issues specific to embark on a serious movie - like death, war on terror and religion. But lack personality.